6 ways to increase your knowledge


My motto is „To Always Be a Learner.” For me, it means constant improvement and learning new things. They don’t have to be big. I don’t have to learn how Large Hadron Collider is build but I need to feel that I have learned something new. What is the best idea to learn new things?

There is no one perfect idea how to learn about new things. There are three main senses how do we learn: by touch, by watching and by listening. Therefore there is no one perfect place where you should look for new knowledge. Below you can find 6 different ideas how and where you can learn depends on which way of learning is the best for you.

1. Books

This is my favorite way of learning. I like the deep understanding of problem and multiple of examples. A book is the only place where authors can put all their thoughts, experiences and ideas. Thanks to that I can really get detailed information about the problem and use this knowledge step by step in my business career. You can find a lot of business books with all kind of knowledge you would like to have.

2. LinkedIn

I like this medium as it gives a medium size of content and you can easily find different views and perspectives. Sales and marketing are one of the most popular topics so it will be easy for you to find interesting articles. You can easily follow influencers and business coaches. It’s a very easy way for constant access to business knowledge. I like it when I need to learn some new skills and need to make fast research about the selected topic.

3. Twitter

It’s similar to Linkedin but the content is much shorter and fast changing. I like Twitter when I don’t really have time but I am a bit bored. It’s great while stuck in the traffic or commuting to work by public transport. Maybe it’s not the perfect place but also reads well in the place where king goes by feet 😉 I follow here mostly companies and business portals (not people). It’s a good place to learn new ideas of new trends in an easy and fast way. Reading every article takes not more than 5 minutes.

4. Podcasts/ Audiobooks

Podcasts and audiobooks are perfect for people who learn by listening. For me, it worked quite good while jogging or driving by car. While jogging I like to listen to music but when it comes to audiobooks I like to listen to motivation books. Sometimes I listen to podcasts and I like most interviews with experts and business people. You can list some case studies and success stories. For sure if you never tried audiobooks or podcasts it’s different at the beginning as you can’t focus for a longer time and your thoughts just fly away. After few tries for sure, you will find your way to focus. They take between 15 minutes to 1h mostly.

5. TED

It’s between audiobooks and YouTube. You can listen to the speaker but you can also watch their presentation. They are quite short so if you have 5-20 minutes free time for sure this would be a good choice. For me, it worked well when I wanted to share some knowledge with others. It’s easy to play it and it’s like watching a movie together. You just need a popcorn and cola 😉

6. Online training

This is the most involving way of learning but also most effective in most of the cases. Very often they combine movies, reading but also some easy exercises. There is the limited way to finish the online course so you have additional motivation to learn. An additional benefit (in most of the cases it’s paid) is a possibility to get a certification which might be helpful for your further career. If you don’t need any proof and just want to learn then most of the courses are for free. Biggest training portal is probably Lynda but I have also used Coursera.

If you find someone who says that learning is boring or expensive it means that probably they don’t want to learn. There are unlimited options to learn for free and you can try them all to find the best way for yourself. really successful people spend minimum 30 minutes daily to learn new things. Start with only 10-15 daily and you will see a difference in your approach and new ideas.