Why EQ is better than IQ?


When you are looking for new employee what are the most important attributes? Experience? Technical skills? Or maybe IQ? It’s all important but Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is becoming more and more important. Why?

Because in most of the cases we are taking decisions driven by emotions and not our knowledge or experience. Therefore people with higher EQ are much better in understanding other people and managing them.

Benefits of high EQ

What really is Emotional Intelligence? We are talking about EQ we are self aware about our emotions. We can name them and manage them. Additionally we are able to understand other emotions and cooperate with them in effective way. We are able to use wide range of roles and contexts to communicate both personally and professionally. Knowing all that helps not only in cooperation but it also reduces our stress as we are aware of our feelings and we know how to manage them properly.

The most powerful prison is the one you don’t know you are in.

Risks with low EQ

We know what are the benefits of EQ but what can we expect from people who have low emotional intelligence? For sure if we do not understand others its difficult for us to cooperate with them. We aren’t able to hear critical feedback and if we hear that we are automatically switching to aggressive or passive-aggressive communication mode. We are much more likely to blame others and use statements like “if only he/she would…”. Leaders who lack of EQ do not listen to their subordinates shortly become out of touch with those they lead.

How to find stuff with high EQ?

First try to look for self-awareness in the candidates. Emotional intelligence differently from IQ can be trained and increased in a period of time but employee needs to aware of his/ hers weakness and needs to work on them. They also know their strengths and know how to use the wisely. Those people can learn from constructive criticism and constantly increase their self-regulation. Always ask your candidates about their motivation and what drives them to achieve goals. High EQ people are not driven by money or titles but by inner ambition. They are optimistic and encounter disappointment. 

Do you know those high EQ CEO’s?

Jeff Bezos (Amazon) is obsessed with the hearts and minds of Amazon’s customers. He is known for long-term relationship strategy and he is discussing it publicly just like during YouTube announcement in 2009.

Howard Schultz (Starbucks) is generous in healthcare benefits for his employees, mostly inspired by his father in law losing his health insurance when Howard was a kid. When coming back to Starbucks he mentioned main reasons were love for the company and its people.