Why sales automation is a must?


Ask yourself “what do your sales reps do at work?” if your answer is different than “sales” we are in different worlds when it comes to selling. Nevertheless, as many researchers show many salespeople spend a lot of their time on non-sales activities. Most of those tasks are more administrative and we should automatize them.

In sales departments, we can highlight two basic actions that came make salespeople more productive.

  1. assign proper tasks to proper people. You should identify strengths of your reps and assign them tasks that fit their talents.
  2. get rid of tasks that are not connected to sales. Best way to do that and reduce company costs is to automatize them.

What is most important in sales?

The key indication in every sales position is PERFORMANCE. What is performance? It’s the outcome generated by efficiency and effectiveness. The equation for performance is:

Efficiency + Effectiveness = Performance

Efficiency is how much activity you are generating for a particular prospecting activity. So you can say that you are efficient if you can generate 30 effective outgoing phone calls in 1 hour. But will you sell anything?

Effectiveness is the ratio between the activity and the outcome. It means you are successful but if your success ration is 1 sales out of 1 phone call?

To be PERFORMER you need to generate a lot of activities but those activities must be converted into real sales or at least high quality leads.

to maximize performance companies should invest in automatized systems which support sales in the activities and qualify leads, analyze data and suggest actions based on it.

What are the threats of sales automation?

Unfortunately, many companies which implement sales automation hope to reduce sales force and cut the costs. This is not the right way and they can see it immediately. It’s important that every automatization is motivated to improve speed and quality of customer service. It should be another great tool FOR sales and not AGAINST them.

Many companies must accept that they need both, automatization and salespeople. That to the first one you can improve reporting, filtering and qualifying your leads but no AI can feel empathy and understand real needs of your customers. If this would be our main goal so we can reach our customers faster and offer them more personalized communication then we are on the right track.

Before implementing any kind of automatization ask yourself “Would that improve my customer’s experience?”