Why to hire remote workers?


What is remote working? Remote work is the work which is completed from any environment other than employer’s environment. This may include working from home, beach, hotel, terrace or anywhere, where you have Internet connectivity.

There is a lot of professionals who are working remotely around the globe and this tendency will expand. In most of the cases, people are looking at it from the perspective of the employee. You have more time, do not have issues with traveling to work, you can travel whenever you want, but benefits are on both sides. As Senetic we are a global company with workers around the globe. I will try to highlight few advantages and disadvantages of such cooperation. 

Access to global employee market

One of greatest advantages is an open market for global talents. You are not geographically limited. Even when you have the local company you can look talented employees in different cities or regions of your country. It is especially important in big cities with low unemployment rate where you can have difficulties to find new employees. Using remote workers you can find also talented employees but living in poorer parts of the country and maybe expect also lower salary.

A fast and easy recruitment process

Recruitment process with remote workers is easier than with locals. Thanks to Skype you can make interviews whenever can have time and wherever you are. You do not have to be present in the office and very often it’s also difficult to invite potential worker to your office as they also have they work (at least most of them) and personal duties. It is much easier to schedule 1h skype meeting than organizing the same interview locally.

More or less productive?

There is no good answer here. Everything depends on the person you have hired. Some of them can motivate themselves and can work remotely. The others will have too many distractions to work effectively. In general, I would say people are more productive, they have more time to work as many of them will start a bit earlier and finish later as they do not have to lose time on traveling from and to the office. They also feel more comfortable in their safe place. 


The biggest issue I see is the communication. We all know that a lot of informal communication is done during coffee break. Remote worker is cut off from this opportunity and both sides, employer, and the employee must communicate more often. Only that way you can build a strong connection between you two. As a company you also need to be technologically prepared for remote workers, they need to be more self-sufficient and probably should have more flexibility than regular employees. Therefore you need to develop new tools to support them.

In the nutshell 

I totally recommend hiring and developing remote workers. Thanks to that our company is growing very fast, we can enter new markets and we are building our multicultural and global knowledge. Most of the tools are already available in the cloud which helps us to solve most technological obstacles.

Can you think of more advantages for hiring remote resources?