Good leadership habits


I like playing golf. It calms me down. It’s great time which you can spend in quiet, concentrating on only one thing (hit the ball), and chill in evergreen surroundings. I was always passionate about Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods who always try their swings before almost every hit. Why do they do this? They did it billion times and still, they don’t stop. Some may say it is over-zeal but I would call it good habits.

In my opinion, the same happens with great leaders. They have habits which many recognize as officiousness and lost of time. In fact, those are things which makes them great leaders.


When you feel that the tempo of your sales team (or any other them in the company) is slowing down, you would like to run up the tempo there is no better way than brief. As I can see looking at my sales team they do not really have a plan for every day. It is difficult for them to set priorities and work with them. Most difficult is a consequence. Even if there is any kind of than it is difficult to follow it. The brief will help you and them to build that everyday plan and follow it. You gain control and your team new skills in time management. 

How to do it?

One of the most important case is that it has to be short. really short! Try not to spend more than 5-7 minutes with each team member. Ask simple questions and note answers. nothing more. Remember that this is no time for discussion with your employee. If you want to discuss something do it in a coffee break. Next day you do the same. A short meeting with every one of them but you start with answers from the day before. Do it for minimum 30 days and not less than 3 times per week and you won’t recognize your team.

What should I ask about?

 What you plan to do today?

  • What will you concentrate on today?
  • today’s hottest topic is..?
  • What would you call success after today’s work?

Of course those are only examples but in fact, fits most of companies and positions. You can make up your own question but remember that they should be short and require short and concrete answers. 

Why is it so important?

It looks like a simple tool (which it is) but it is one of the most important and essential tools you can use. In this short time with your team, you can go through strategy and company objectives and inspire your team to follow the same way. Working with brief consequently, you will build good habits in your team. Thanks to that every day they will know why they are here. What do I expect from this day? What am I hoping to achieve with it? What are my goals? Is there a problem I’m trying to solve? How will I measure my success?

With a solid creative brief in hand, you’ll help the designer deliver great results and ensure your team delivers the results your business needs.