Finding perfect employees


We all want to have the best company in the world and the best employees ever. But how to do it? Where to find those people? I think this is a nightmare for every manager who wants to grow his team.

Finding right people is crucial for the company and for the manager himself. You need good people for your team but you always need to remember that some of them should be trained to manager in the future. This is something that not all managers understand. Some if a manager wants to keep their employees forever in the same position. It’s possible but with poor and average team members. Good ones sooner or later would like to evaluate their career. From the company point of view, we need new managers to manage new projects. Good management always has new ideas or opportunities to take and there is always lack of good managers who can handle that. That is why my rule #1 is:

Start looking for good people before you need them

By gathering a hit list of perfect candidates in advance, you ensure that that you not only hire better people in the first place but you can do it more quickly. Additionally recruiting excellent people can bring new opportunities itself. You can find someone who can bring you totally new important contract or knowledge you needed in your company. Remember to always have your recruitment process open. As a good manager, you must know how to use different opportunities.

Embrace remote

If you’re able to not forget about remote workers and widen your pool of excellent workers bu hiring remote workers. Thanks to that you have access to an entire world of talent. In Senetic we have a lot of remote workers in many countries. It gives us a possibility to hire best possible people for right positions. When they have management ambitions they can be a great beginning of local office in different city or country. Always invite such employee from time to time for a week or two to your main office to tighten cooperation between team members and other teams. This is not simple and you need tools to support remote workers as cooperating with teams located in HQ is very difficult but for sure it’s worth trying. 

Pay well

You can hire good people but to keep them in your company you won’t avoid investments. If you want to get the best talent that there is, you are going to have to pay the market value. Having the best of the best is expensive but this is an investment that will bring you even more profit in the future.

Skills or attitude

There is always a question which is more important. Of course, it depends on the position you are looking for. When it comes to IT specialist or programmer for sure you will be looking certain skills. As I am responsible for sales I would say to hire for attitude and train for skills. When recruiting sales I am always looking for: teamwork, curiosity, creativity, optimism, and empathy. Those are attitudes which cannot be trained and if your team member won’t have you can not do anything about it. The rest like customer service skills, using positive language, ability to “read” customers or persuasiveness can be trained.

Offer a great opportunity

Unfortunately, many companies and managers forget that during the interview it’s not only about checking the candidate but also to advertise our company. I have seen and heard about too many managers who were wearing a t-shirt during recruitment process or were working on their laptops during a meeting. Excellent workers are also looking for great opportunities and you need to give it to them. Tell them more about the kind of projects they will be working on and the people they will be working with. You should also mention the nature of the company as a whole but also about your style of leadership. Not only you must be convinced that you want to hire this person but also candidate needs to feel the need to work in your company.

Remember that great companies are made by great employees. You can have great ideas and perfect products or services but without talented and skilled employees you won’t be able to sell them and build a loyal customer base.