Sales Pyramid


Do you have evaluation meetings with your sales teams? I am just finishing mine and I constantly see that we have issues with right prospects to call. My sales are really good at closing deals which are delivered by our marketing team (they are really valuable) but it’s much more difficult for them to develop their own prospects.

Below you can find the proposal for more effective prospecting with blocks where to call. Working with blocks and clear lists get you in the position to convert hot leads into orders.

Your call blocks pyramid:


– At the top of your pyramid are customers who have an immediate need, their contract is expiring and you must contact them in a very short period of time. Even small delay can cause losing the contract. For new customers, you would probably look for action triggers or budgeting periods.


– A bit lower are hot inbound leads, in my case most of the leads delivered by a marketing team. You need to qualify them and set proper follow-up actions. You can also use your marketing team to implement proper remarketing campaigns targeted at selected customers to increase brand awareness of your company and to be the first choice company for your prospect.


– Next level is for prospects where you need to get more info about them. You probably have contact details as an email address and you already identified decision maker. Your goal when contacting those organizations is to identify final needs and buying window to leverage them into the next level of your pyramid. You should also identify all stakeholders and competition.


– At the bottom of your pyramid are thousands of organizations which you find as potential customers. You maybe know their name and just maybe some contact details. Your main task here would be to gather as much information as you can to correct and confirm data about the company. This is the time when you have to decide if you put this prospect into your pyramid or out of it.



The key as for every sales action is a systematic work on your prospects and move them from the bottom to the top of your pyramid based on information you get. Remember that abandoning systematic work will cause the gap in your pyramid which maybe you won’t see immediately but it will affect your sales in the future.