• home-hero

    Why sales automation is a must?

    Ask yourself “what do your sales reps do at work?” if your answer is different than “sales” we are...

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  • 1920

    Why EQ is better than IQ?

    When you are looking for new employee what are the most important attributes? Experience? Technical skills? Or maybe IQ?...

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  • 01neverstoplearning_v1

    6 ways to increase your knowledge

    My motto is „To Always Be a Learner.” For me, it means constant improvement and learning new things. They...

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  • Design-thinking

    What is design thinking

    We meet in our private and business life different types of problems or as I prefer to say –...

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  • 07336d6

    How to differentiate your company

    For over 8 years I am in IT business. One of the hardest and most competitive business areas. In...

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  • MedicalBusinessExperiment

    To experiment or to be stable?

    It is difficult question for most of the companies which would like to differentiate themselves from their business environment...

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